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VA – Manipurius (2020)


Release Name: VA – Manipurius [Album]
Label: World People
Genre: Psychedelic Trance
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320 Kbps
Release Date: 2020
Grab Your Copy Here: Beatport


  1. Primordial Ooze – Cryoprobe
  2. Mind Pirates – Access Granted
  3. Skyhigh Pirates – Paty Cancel
  4. Primordial Ooze & AIO – Clusterfuck
  5. Wavelength – Mighty Altar
  6. Gabb – Well Managed
  7. Noj Nor – Mercury in Gatorade
  8. Corrupt Illusionist & Chakraview – Corrupted Chakras
  9. Green Culture & Dezzert – Bee Riot
  10. Jon-Day – Tundra Explorer


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  • lsdaveone : al parecer en todos los sitios de música esta compilación http://psymush.com/2019/07/19/va-dimension-005-compiled-by-alpha-portal-2019/
  • lsdaveone : al parecer en todos los sitios de descarga de esta compilación: http://psymush.com/2019/07/19/va-dimension-005-compiled-by-alpha-portal-2019/
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  • saul : Braincell - Gaia is missing the other half of the album. The Unknown Reality part.
  • ANONYMOus 666 : Excelente trabajo psymush staff,sigan mejorando la pagina gracias por todos sus aportes a lo largo estos años, no es facil, a toda las personas criticonas mala onda si tanto les molesta compren la musica y sin pedos se la bajan en el formato que gusten y no hay pedo de host 24/7/365 XD
  • PsyPixel : and where are the rest of the tracks? https://www.beatport.com/release/fragile-nature/2296212
  • PsyPixel : and where are the rest of the tracks?
  • PsyPixel : and where are the rest of the tracks?
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  • saul : Awesome, thanks carisha!
  • carisha : Wanted!!! OtherLife - Parallel Universe
  • carisha : The Altruism Collection - https://uploadboy.com/6eanzafrh4uh/1710
  • carisha : The Altruism Collection
  • carisha : https://uploadboy.com/6eanzafrh4uh/1710
  • saul : Any chance of The Altruism Collection? :))
  • electricUP : Would you like old releases like VA_-_Spunout In Ibiza-Compiled_And_Mixed_By_GMS-2CD-2007-MYCEL??
  • electricUP : @guest_5995 http://psymush.com/2019/06/18/neelix-cherokee-omiki-remix-2019/
  • guest_5995 : Alguien tiene link de esta cancion? Neelix - Cherokee (Omiki Remix)
  • electricUP : check this friend site
  • electricUP : https://www.hitechcollectors.com/
  • electricUP : @FlatIcon. hi Bro pls check whit your last pass :
  • FlatIcon : My both proposed passwords, which I've tell You tonight are invalid to my username / email (!!!???) Now I'll have to start the 3rd registration-tour, furthermore entitled for download-access ... 🙁
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  • FlatIcon : How is it possible setting a password, which is essential for the login, but haven't to specified in the registration-form ???
  • FlatIcon : How is it possible setting a password, which is essential for the login, but haven't to specified in the registration-form ???
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  • guest_2423 : LANZ – FREE WARRIORS (2019 VERSION) −-−-- wrong link
  • electricUP : @Ibz Send me the store link to buy in FLAC pls
  • Ibz : Can you add IMAGINE MARS – SACRED SPACE (REMIXES) in FLAC please ??
  • electricUP : http://ul.to/bknybc2n
  • electricUP : working https://ouo.io/W2bTzp
  • electricUP : @A_tech
  • electricUP : @A_tech checking
  • electricUP : @Ibz Enjoy mate 🙂
  • A_tech : Mega Download Link with DNS Error to STRYKER – STRAKER MIXTAPE #1 (2019)
  • Ibz : Thanks for the FLAC files guys
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  • electricUP : https://backfliprecords.bandcamp.com/album/divine-ritual-2019-bfr017
  • Mocky : thx bro. i bit slow the website but nice optic;')
  • electricUP : @Herich Claro amigo lo tendremos en cuenta, puedes enviar un correo a [email protected] para mejor contacto
  • electricUP : @Mocky we work in a new private psymush server, i send you the news from this new 🙂
  • Herich : Saludos a todos, me llamo Heriberto Monterola tengo 34 años y desde el año 2000 me gusta el Psytrance, me gustaria apoyar en algo en la pagína o con los moderadores soy Ing en Sistemas si de algo les puedo servir no duden en decirme Saludos...
  • Mocky : Aloha, nice new place. congrat. little question. give it a chance to get an rss feed link for new releases ? Greetings
  • guest_510 : Link not working
  • chkjplktn : Yo lo tengo, lo publicare mas tarde saludos 🙂
  • Rave-Sapce : Alguien tendra el Nuevo de Sabretooth - Ishkoodah?
  • electricUP : @intersys22 you can download all here: www.beatport.com 🙂
  • intersys22 : ok tnx for the links but everyone will agree with me that after 4 downloads only premium users can download on uploadboy. cmon just upload it like it was... it sucks to download that way the music
  • chkjplktn : http://uploadboy.me/5lwoql45sun4/Alok_and_Fractal_System_-_Dont_Ya_(Fabio_Fusco_Remix)-SPN1DIGI505-WEB-2019-eUP.rar.html http://uploadboy.me/7h3jyvuyo5il/DZP_-_Bhangra_(Konaefiz_Remix)-KONAEFIZ301415-WEB-2019-eUP.rar.html http://uploadboy.me/wcxkhv7s8z7y/Earphonic_-_Danger-PBD046-WEB-2019-eUP.rar.html http://uploadboy.me/d62yz1zh8p99/Estefano_Haze_-_Are_We_Alone-INM1DIGI413-WEB-2019-eUP.rar.html http://uploadboy.me/lj5ayetm98rj/GroundBass_and_Tijah_and_Perception_-_We_Are_Thoughts-BTRDR625-WEB-2
  • chkjplktn : uploadboy links fixed no password
  • chkjplktn : Pettra_-_Tribal_Earth_(Undercover_Remix)-DOPDIGI179-WEB-2019-eUP
  • chkjplktn : http://uploadboy.me/pm3uoe6e3zj1/Pettra_-_Tribal_Earth_(Undercover_Remix)-DOPDIGI179-WEB-2019-eUP.rar.html
  • guest_3007 : New page is realy bad. Can't download. Please do something with this
  • menog : Pettra tribal... uploadboy with unknown pass
  • menog : is controversial and uncomfortable this new version of the Psymush website and this is unavailable links and this is to ask for links and instead of uploaded is a substituted uploadboy where the password is unknown and in the case of query silence and whether it is just after birth is preparing itself or preparing a version premium websites where we'll get access to all editions without problems
  • Quiva : Whats the password for the uploadboy links? :c
  • Smoosh : Memeleeeeen
  • intersys22 : whats the password for the uploadboy links??
  • Psymushroom : happy new site freaks!!!
  • menog : Still only Busy Style by Chemical noise is no Do you have this scene ? For zippyshare you can give ?
  • menog : Ah yesy es Romero working suuuper 🙂
  • menog : I hope that you seriously will try fixed links - i am coolector scenes....
  • guest_1583 : Hi electricUP unfortunately Set on mush vol.3 Romero and Chemical Busy Style no working
  • intersys22 : working linkkk please
  • electricUP : @Ibz nice we work for more for all.
  • electricUP : @menog try now
  • Ibz : electricUP => You can put FLAC & MP3 so everyone is happy =)
  • Ibz : electricUP => Yes please, we need FLAC !
  • menog : PLease Romero Set on mush vol 3 new link
  • menog : Friend link no use http://psymush.com/2019/05/06/romero-br-set-on-mush-vol-3-2019/
  • menog : Friends links no use http://psymush.com/2019/05/06/romero-br-set-on-mush-vol-3-2019/
  • electricUP : Need FLAC in the site? and more Hi-Tech and Dark?
  • intersys22 : busy style link doesnt work. please upload anew one
  • PsyPixel : https://popol-vuh.bandcamp.com/album/namascoyote-namascoyote
  • PsyPixel : Namascoyote - Namascoyote - released January 20, 2018
  • menog : Friends waht is problems with Chemical Busy that i cannot downloads ?
  • Sai Seven : here's the link to the EP, just give it a listen if you can, and hopefully it can be published here, https://www.beatport.com/release/gathering-of-the-tribes/2577354
  • Sai Seven : hey electricUP, how can you publish my latest EP, that was just released?? @electricUP
  • electricUP : Guys the wrong links are in procees to repair, support the artist buyed the original. 🙂
  • electricUP : Can send to this mail: [email protected]
  • electricUP : @LeooEco If you have a recent set you can send a link whit the audio archive and info to post here in Psymush or can made one for the #Set On Mush https://www.mixcloud.com/Psymush/ 🙂
  • electricUP : @Sai Seven Soon in psymush 🙂
  • Leoo Eco : PLAY! https://soundcloud.com/leooecobr
  • Sai Seven : con quien puedo hablar para que publiquen un release que acaba de salir en beatport?? este es el link: https://www.beatport.com/release/gathering-of-the-tribes/2577354
  • Sai Seven : Hey guys how do I get someone to post a release on this page??? This is the release: https://www.beatport.com/release/gathering-of-the-tribes/2577354
  • Sai Seven : Hey guys, how can I get someone to post a release on this page????
  • LeooEco : Psymush revolution!!
  • ixotl : el link de prog esta solucionado, pero el de chemical noise, sigue redireccionandose a si mismo 😉
  • menog : still will try dl Chemical Noise Busy... now still not working mega.nz
  • menog : Thanks a lot for P>R>O>G Nightwalker link use 🙂
  • guest_3370 : Hey guys, do you think you can add the flac downloads to this amazing new website ??
  • electricUP : try download now prog nightwalker
  • guest_6187 : impossible download P.R.O.G. Nightwalker :((
  • guest_6187 : Links no use too http://psymush.com/2019/05/02/p-r-o-g-nightwalker-2019/
  • guest_1245 : Friends links no use for Chemical Noise - Busy style
  • ixotl : sugerencia... modesta... si en el lugar de busqueda cuando vas ahi, te tirase todos los ep ( o la cantidad que se pueda por pagina... tipo 12) y no solo 4 seria perfecto
  • electricUP : @ixotl lamentamos que este sucediendo esto, estamos trabajando para perfeccionar el sitio, espero y en un futuro este mas optima para ustedes los usuarios, saludos.
  • ixotl : no es de quejon, o por molestar, eh... me encanta el laburo que hacen y lo celebro. soy fan de la pagina desde hace años. pero posta que me parece un retroceso en cuanto a la funcionalidad de la pagina.... que se ve mejor, se ve mejor... pero la liaron sin sentido.....
  • ixotl : la verdad que estaba muchisimo mejor la anterior 🙁
  • ixotl : cuantos mas ep por hoja y en orden de salida mejor para los que venimos a esta pagina....
  • ixotl : esta se ve mejor pero uno tiene que ir salteando de pagina en pagina porque solo se pueden ver 4 (????) ep por hoja.....
  • ixotl : si, he ido ahi tambien. y te pone "unas busquedas" de creo que 4 ep por pagina... A ver para ser claro. la anterior era rapida, clara, concisa.
  • electricUP : @ixotl Da click en el icono de búsqueda y así te arrojara todos los post existentes, en la sección de abajo llamada last release aparecen los últimos diez posteados.
  • ixotl : la verdad que esta bueno el nuevo diseño, pero es un paso atras en lo que rewfiere a claridad a la hora de buscar. la verdad que estaba buenisimo como estaba, una pagina con los lanzamientos ordenados... aca no se entiende nada... una lastima
  • fineck : :O
  • guest_5929 : This page sucks! fuk#@g WordPress haha
  • electricUP : @Psychedelic Tribe send a mail whit your new pass to [email protected]
  • Psychedelic Tribe : How do I change the password of my choice?
  • guest_132 : No funciona los links?
  • electricUP : @Twotech send a mail whit your new pass to [email protected]
  • tunes40 : quality new site
  • Twotech : How do i chaneg my password? Cant klick my user name next to Logout in the top right corner...
  • guest_4500 : Very nice new site! Love the design and the music widget-thingy 🙂
  • electricUP : Test message
  • The Admin : High five! You’ve successfully installed Simple Ajax Chat.