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Stereotactic – Set On Mush Vol. 6 (2019)


Artist: Stereotactic
Album : Set on Mush Vol. 6
Genre : Psychedelic
Date : 10.21.2019
Year : 2019
Quality : 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Stereo
Songs : 01
Playtime : 45:55
Label : Psymush
Size : 105.13 MB
Streetdate : 10.21.2019
Type : Promo
Source : WEB
Catalog nr : SOM006
URL : Www.Psymush.Com

1. Stereotactic – Visitors From Outer Space
2. Krunch Vs Migel – Aura
3. Stereotactic – A moment of happyness
4. Astrix & Vertical Mode – Seven Gates
5. Stereotactic – Karma
6. Astrix & Avalon – Moon light
7. Vertical Mode – Human Experience
8. Stereotactic – Awareness

Julian aka Stereotactic is a psytrance DJ and Producer.

DJing in Ibiza at different clubs and open-air events around the island and
influenced by the growing psytrance scene he started producing his own music
and having his first release in 2008 on Syncro Music.
Now ready to give it all to psytrance fans all over the world gets onboard Zoo
Music, a new but massive label by Atomic Pulse.

Stereotactic SC: https://soundcloud.com/stereotactic-music
Stereotactic FB: https://www.facebook.com/stereotacticmusic
Stereo Tactic YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYnCzyLnaNvaEuFLtJKt65g

Zoo Music SC: https://soundcloud.com/zoomusic1
Zoo Music FB: https://www.facebook.com/zoomusic1

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  • PsyPixel : and where are the rest of the tracks? https://www.beatport.com/release/fragile-nature/2296212
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  • electricUP : Would you like old releases like VA_-_Spunout In Ibiza-Compiled_And_Mixed_By_GMS-2CD-2007-MYCEL??
  • electricUP : @guest_5995 http://psymush.com/2019/06/18/neelix-cherokee-omiki-remix-2019/
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  • Rave-Sapce : Alguien tendra el Nuevo de Sabretooth - Ishkoodah?
  • electricUP : @intersys22 you can download all here: www.beatport.com 🙂
  • intersys22 : ok tnx for the links but everyone will agree with me that after 4 downloads only premium users can download on uploadboy. cmon just upload it like it was... it sucks to download that way the music
  • chkjplktn : http://uploadboy.me/5lwoql45sun4/Alok_and_Fractal_System_-_Dont_Ya_(Fabio_Fusco_Remix)-SPN1DIGI505-WEB-2019-eUP.rar.html http://uploadboy.me/7h3jyvuyo5il/DZP_-_Bhangra_(Konaefiz_Remix)-KONAEFIZ301415-WEB-2019-eUP.rar.html http://uploadboy.me/wcxkhv7s8z7y/Earphonic_-_Danger-PBD046-WEB-2019-eUP.rar.html http://uploadboy.me/d62yz1zh8p99/Estefano_Haze_-_Are_We_Alone-INM1DIGI413-WEB-2019-eUP.rar.html http://uploadboy.me/lj5ayetm98rj/GroundBass_and_Tijah_and_Perception_-_We_Are_Thoughts-BTRDR625-WEB-2
  • chkjplktn : uploadboy links fixed no password
  • chkjplktn : Pettra_-_Tribal_Earth_(Undercover_Remix)-DOPDIGI179-WEB-2019-eUP
  • chkjplktn : http://uploadboy.me/pm3uoe6e3zj1/Pettra_-_Tribal_Earth_(Undercover_Remix)-DOPDIGI179-WEB-2019-eUP.rar.html
  • guest_3007 : New page is realy bad. Can't download. Please do something with this
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  • menog : is controversial and uncomfortable this new version of the Psymush website and this is unavailable links and this is to ask for links and instead of uploaded is a substituted uploadboy where the password is unknown and in the case of query silence and whether it is just after birth is preparing itself or preparing a version premium websites where we'll get access to all editions without problems
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  • intersys22 : whats the password for the uploadboy links??
  • Psymushroom : happy new site freaks!!!
  • menog : Still only Busy Style by Chemical noise is no Do you have this scene ? For zippyshare you can give ?
  • menog : Ah yesy es Romero working suuuper 🙂
  • menog : I hope that you seriously will try fixed links - i am coolector scenes....
  • guest_1583 : Hi electricUP unfortunately Set on mush vol.3 Romero and Chemical Busy Style no working
  • intersys22 : working linkkk please
  • electricUP : @Ibz nice we work for more for all.
  • electricUP : @menog try now
  • Ibz : electricUP => You can put FLAC & MP3 so everyone is happy =)
  • Ibz : electricUP => Yes please, we need FLAC !
  • menog : PLease Romero Set on mush vol 3 new link
  • menog : Friend link no use http://psymush.com/2019/05/06/romero-br-set-on-mush-vol-3-2019/
  • menog : Friends links no use http://psymush.com/2019/05/06/romero-br-set-on-mush-vol-3-2019/
  • electricUP : Need FLAC in the site? and more Hi-Tech and Dark?
  • intersys22 : busy style link doesnt work. please upload anew one
  • PsyPixel : https://popol-vuh.bandcamp.com/album/namascoyote-namascoyote
  • PsyPixel : Namascoyote - Namascoyote - released January 20, 2018
  • menog : Friends waht is problems with Chemical Busy that i cannot downloads ?
  • Sai Seven : here's the link to the EP, just give it a listen if you can, and hopefully it can be published here, https://www.beatport.com/release/gathering-of-the-tribes/2577354
  • Sai Seven : hey electricUP, how can you publish my latest EP, that was just released?? @electricUP
  • electricUP : Guys the wrong links are in procees to repair, support the artist buyed the original. 🙂
  • electricUP : Can send to this mail: [email protected]
  • electricUP : @LeooEco If you have a recent set you can send a link whit the audio archive and info to post here in Psymush or can made one for the #Set On Mush https://www.mixcloud.com/Psymush/ 🙂
  • electricUP : @Sai Seven Soon in psymush 🙂
  • Leoo Eco : PLAY! https://soundcloud.com/leooecobr
  • Sai Seven : con quien puedo hablar para que publiquen un release que acaba de salir en beatport?? este es el link: https://www.beatport.com/release/gathering-of-the-tribes/2577354
  • Sai Seven : Hey guys how do I get someone to post a release on this page??? This is the release: https://www.beatport.com/release/gathering-of-the-tribes/2577354
  • Sai Seven : Hey guys, how can I get someone to post a release on this page????
  • LeooEco : Psymush revolution!!
  • ixotl : el link de prog esta solucionado, pero el de chemical noise, sigue redireccionandose a si mismo 😉
  • menog : still will try dl Chemical Noise Busy... now still not working mega.nz
  • menog : Thanks a lot for P>R>O>G Nightwalker link use 🙂
  • guest_3370 : Hey guys, do you think you can add the flac downloads to this amazing new website ??
  • electricUP : try download now prog nightwalker
  • guest_6187 : impossible download P.R.O.G. Nightwalker :((
  • guest_6187 : Links no use too http://psymush.com/2019/05/02/p-r-o-g-nightwalker-2019/
  • guest_1245 : Friends links no use for Chemical Noise - Busy style
  • ixotl : sugerencia... modesta... si en el lugar de busqueda cuando vas ahi, te tirase todos los ep ( o la cantidad que se pueda por pagina... tipo 12) y no solo 4 seria perfecto
  • electricUP : @ixotl lamentamos que este sucediendo esto, estamos trabajando para perfeccionar el sitio, espero y en un futuro este mas optima para ustedes los usuarios, saludos.
  • ixotl : no es de quejon, o por molestar, eh... me encanta el laburo que hacen y lo celebro. soy fan de la pagina desde hace años. pero posta que me parece un retroceso en cuanto a la funcionalidad de la pagina.... que se ve mejor, se ve mejor... pero la liaron sin sentido.....
  • ixotl : la verdad que estaba muchisimo mejor la anterior 🙁
  • ixotl : cuantos mas ep por hoja y en orden de salida mejor para los que venimos a esta pagina....
  • ixotl : esta se ve mejor pero uno tiene que ir salteando de pagina en pagina porque solo se pueden ver 4 (????) ep por hoja.....
  • ixotl : si, he ido ahi tambien. y te pone "unas busquedas" de creo que 4 ep por pagina... A ver para ser claro. la anterior era rapida, clara, concisa.
  • electricUP : @ixotl Da click en el icono de búsqueda y así te arrojara todos los post existentes, en la sección de abajo llamada last release aparecen los últimos diez posteados.
  • ixotl : la verdad que esta bueno el nuevo diseño, pero es un paso atras en lo que rewfiere a claridad a la hora de buscar. la verdad que estaba buenisimo como estaba, una pagina con los lanzamientos ordenados... aca no se entiende nada... una lastima
  • fineck : :O
  • guest_5929 : This page sucks! fuk#@g WordPress haha
  • electricUP : @Psychedelic Tribe send a mail whit your new pass to [email protected]
  • Psychedelic Tribe : How do I change the password of my choice?
  • guest_132 : No funciona los links?
  • electricUP : @Twotech send a mail whit your new pass to [email protected]
  • tunes40 : quality new site
  • Twotech : How do i chaneg my password? Cant klick my user name next to Logout in the top right corner...
  • guest_4500 : Very nice new site! Love the design and the music widget-thingy 🙂
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